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"As a former gymnast I thought I knew it all... but what I learned in BAF has allowed me to reach a whole new level in muscular strength and definition"
Steven Sugrim
Steven Sugrim
Men's National Gymnastics Coach, Level 3
"Coach Sahil's words are as powerful as they are hilarious... instead of hand-holding, sometimes you just need someone who'll never let you give up!"
Dr. Bojan Kostevski
Dr. Bojan Kostevski
MD, PT & Writer Lift-Heavy.com
"Quit relying on broscience, myths, and programs that have you panting hard while leaving you flabby still. BAF will get you in the best shape of your life!"
Dick Talens
Dick Talens
Co-Founder of Fitocracy.com

More About Badass Fatloss

Let’s be honest, most fitness books are bland, boring and about as exciting as a listening to a postage-stamp enthusiast. I don’t know about you, but constantly hearing terms like “insulin sensitivity,” “lipolysis,” and “periodization” are enough to make me want to hang myself off an elliptical.

Badass Fatloss on the other hand, shatters the status quo by using humor, sarcasm and down-to-earth language (tools we use when telling exciting stories anyways) to explain battle-tested, scientifically sound fitness techniques such as:

  • How to quickly drop up to 5 lbs per week for vacations and special occasions.
  • How to restore and boost your slowing metabolism so you can burn calories even while sitting
  • Optimizing hormone levels to make you a rockstar in the bedroom
  • Designing a secret “pause” button for your diet – without rebounding or becoming fatter
  • How to stimulate lean muscle growth while burning fat from all your problem areas!
  • When to eat carbs so it gets pushed directly into your muscle tissue, instead of turning into fat
  • How to drink and party your face off, and still keep your body in fat-burning mode

And you won’t have to:

  • Do long, slow and boring-ass cardio sessions that do nothing but make you fatter
  • Eat bland diet foods like celery, broccoli and rice cakes every single day
  • Spend hours in the gym on machines you don’t know how to use
  • Use illegal or banned substances like steroids

Unleash Your Inner Badass!

A more effective fat loss solution DOES NOT exist. Grab your copy today.


3 Common Fat Loss Mistakes

Here's how people shoot themselves in the foot when on a diet

  • 1. Avoiding Junk Food

    1. Avoiding Junk Food

    It might sound counter-intuitive, but giving up junk food requires willpower - which science has shown to be a finite resource. Once you run out, it almost guarantees that you'll reach for that jelly donut, which means you will relapse (known as yo-yo dieting). Also, when you eat "boring" foods and deprive your body of calories for too long, a hormone called leptin drops. When your leptin levels are low, fat loss eventually comes to a halt... and no amount of "cardio" will help. Keep leptin low for too long, and you could actually end up damaging your metabolism! Instead, I'll show you how to keep your leptin levels in check, so you can constantly shrink that waistline without giving up the foods you love. Guaranteed.

  • 2. Doing The Wrong Workouts

    2. Doing The Wrong Workouts

    Did you know that to achieve a body fat level of 7% I did only 20 minutes of cardio per week? (That's if you call beach volleyball with a bunch of bikini babes cardio - I personally don't). The rest of the time was spent using simple free weights with workouts designed to bust my ass, and more importantly, give me the best bang for buck. No treadmills, ellipticals, fancy machines or stupid Bosu balls. In fact, you don't even need weights or a gym membership, as BAF has complete at-home workouts that will bust the pants off anything you've ever seen! I personally use these workouts to stay in shape when I travel and have no gym access. It's time to work SMART AND HARD; I'll show you how.

  • 3. Using The Wrong Supplements

    3. Using The Wrong Supplements

    As I stated in the beginning, steroids work better than almost any other substances when it comes to building muscle and burning fat - it's the very reason why pro bodybuilders use them. However, we all know steroids carry with them major risks. In fact, one small error in the dosages of steroids, and the internal damage to your body can be irreversible. Do you think it's worth becoming lean and ripped just to drop your life expectancy by 10-20 years? Sounds like a pretty stupid idea to me. That's why in Badass Fatloss, you'll learn about supplements that will not only turbo-charge your fat loss, but ones that are natural, legal, and safe. Trust me, I wouldn't use them otherwise as I'm a drug-tested athlete myself!

Unleash Your Inner Badass!

A more effective fat loss solution DOES NOT exist. Grab your copy today.


Did You Know?

Our body stores fat in 3 different stages; subcutaneous, visceral and stubborn.

The first 2 are easy to deal with, but the 3rd stage (stubborn fat), is what’s stopping you from having that lean body that you’ve always wanted.

And the worst part? The area of the body where the fat is “stubborn” happens to be different for everyone. Generally, men have more stubborn belly fat and women tend to have more on their arms and thighs. In Badass Fatloss you’ll learn why your body stores fat in these areas, along with strategies to help flush out and empty the fat cells that have taken a permanent residence there.

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